Mutants (2009)

Two survivors struggle to outlast a deadly mutant plague that has turned most of the world into bloodthirsty killers. Unfortunately for Sonia, her husband Marco has also become infected, and she must sit back and watch as he slowly succumbs to the disease within their isolated refuge. MUTANTS kicks off to a ferocious start before taking a more timely approach with its two main characters. It quickly transcends the average zombie shocker due to its emotional depth and its compelling themes surrounding terminal illness, grief, and loss. David Morlet builds a gripping suspense as the audience awaits Marco's final descent into madness, watching intently for the moment when his mind will snap into a feral rage. Not soon after he finally does, Sonia is apprehended by a group of militant scavengers, who take over their stronghold and prevent Sonia from administering the treatment that has slowed the effects of the disease on her husband. Their arrival alerts all of the infected within earshot, and the inevitable bloodbath ensues. From here, MUTANTS becomes a more familiar monster, pitting the last of the living against the infected and themselves. With plenty of gory effects, the film has just as much to offer the flesh fiends as it does intellectual Horror fans.

Rating: 8/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. A horror movie with a generic title that's actually good- shocking.

    Seriously, why do the good ones pick the most uninspired and dull names? Is it a plan to *not* get attention or something?

  2. Maybe its their form of irony? Their "higher likelihood of never being discovered" form of irony?