Seventh Moon (2008)

Newlyweds Melissa and Yul find themselves at the mercy of the spirit world after their driver strands them in an abandoned town during the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts. The two try to find help in a neighboring village, but they are hunted by a pale-faced pack of ravening creatures in the night. BLAIR WITCH PROJECT co-creator Eduardo Sanchez helms this chilling Chinese ghost story with a surprising amount of atmosphere and suspense. Sanchez sets an oppressive mood through the use of his voyeuristic shooting style, subtle score, and jarring sound effects. The creatures are kept just out of focus throughout the adrenaline-fueled chase sequences in order to drive home the terror without spoiling the shocks in the end. Each of the scares are expertly timed to maximize the effect when the audience is least suspecting another assault on the senses. Amy Smart and Tim Chiou have a genuine chemistry on-screen that makes it easy to bond and relate to them in a pair of strong performances. The final scenes are also the most beautiful and frightening, although the underexposure of the film makes it extremely difficult to see much of the action. SEVENTH MOON is an underrated entry in supernatural Horror that will hopefully find a growing audience in the years to come.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. You gave this higher marks than I did. Sanchez is the shaky cam master but the movie felt generic. When we getting Blair Witch 3?

  2. I really enjoyed this film, although the darkness of it made it extremely hard to tell what was going on at times, as you said. Despite that, I thought it was well made, and very creepy, and I enjoyed that it focused on a festival/mythology that I was not familiar with.

  3. I really went in thinking that this was going to be another weak effort like the After Dark films, but SEVENTH MOON took me by surprise. Not a great film, since the storyline is pretty meager, but it was fast-paced and frightening to me. Granted, I had the contrast cranked, god damned was it dark!