Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shark Attack in the Mediterranean (2004)

SHARK ATTACK IN THE MEDITERRANEAN is just another painfully boring killer shark film in a long line of made-for-TV garbage. An ex-marine diver team ups with a shark researcher in order to track and destroy the monstrous great white shark that had attacked and killed his wife years earlier, the same shark that is now threatening the Mediterranean coast of Mallorca. Together, they discover that the Megalodon isn't the last surviving member of an extinct species, but the unfortunate result of genetic experimentation by a greedy corporation. Considering the fact that the film was produced for German television, the computer effects and acting could have been worse, but that does not excuse the endless filler and exhausting action sequences. While the original German language track may have been passable, the English dub is simply atrocious, which makes the audience even less unenthusiastic about the film than the voice actors had been. Unfortunately, it isn't even bad enough to laugh at. With no gore and a purely derivative plot, SHARK ATTACK IN THE MEDITERRANEAN leaves nothing for most fans to enjoy.

Rating: 4/10.

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  1. Dude, I think I saw this one. If I remember correctly I thought it was dull. A let down as I love monster shark movies.

  2. Unfortunately, they tend to be in the majority.. Sucks, cuz I love killer shark movies too! I actually love the original SHARK ATTACK trilogy.

  3. I watched maybe ten minutes of it on streaming once. I got a laugh out of one shot that implied via shadow that the shark was over 60-70 feet!

    On the bright side, you have not seen the worst of the worst killer shark films. No, I own that shit. You'll find out soon enough...

  4. The size of the shark shifts at least ten thousand times in this one, unsurprisingly so. They really should have had the shark evolve to be able to breath air and walk on land, now THAT'S entertainment!

  5. I thought they already made 'Sharktopus,' Carl?

  6. lol oh yeah, damnit.. at least it didnt push itself around on a wagon and have a robotic arm, or I would have to contact a lawyer!


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