Doctor Mordrid (1992)

DOCTOR MORDRID follows a powerful wizard who must face off against his arch nemesis, the evil Kabal, whose heart is set on the destruction of Earth! After losing the rights on a licensed film adaptation of Marvel Comic's Doctor Strange, Full Moon creator Charles Band made a few quick rewrites to bring this superhero picture to life. Although many of the special effects would be considered quite cheesy and hackneyed by today's standards, given the time and budget in which they were made, DOCTOR MORDRID proves to be a wildly ambitious attempt at creating an epic fantasy adventure filled with magic and monsters. Jeffrey Combs plays the title role of Anton Mordrid, but he sucks the fun out of the character with a spiritless performance. The X-Files' Brian Thompson, on the other hand, takes his character's hammy overacting to an outrageous level of supervillainy that is perfectly fitting for the production. The final confrontation between the two sorcerers features lightning bolts, lasers, and even a pair of re-animated dinosaur fossils that are brought to life using more of David Allen's incredible stop-motion effects. DOCTOR MORDRID may be Full Moon's most technically-accomplished film, and it is a surprising little gem that superhero fans are sure to enjoy!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. out of all the movies, why could not they make more of these... i loved this film!

  2. To answer your question: they didn't want to get their ass sued by Marvel!

    The movie is alright, but definitely tries to be more than it is. I just didn't buy into the whole concept. Combs is definitely not his usual self here.

    If you want to see Combs acting fun in a Full Moon film, stick with 'Trancers 2.'

  3. I was particularly impressed by Mordrid's lair, which had some excellent property and a cool look, but the special effects were much larger and more epic than most other Full Moon flicks. Wish I would have known about this one as a kid!

  4. Too bad nothing much happened till the end. Brian Thompson should have went farther than he did.

    There had already been a DR. STRANGE TV movie in the late 70s. Marvel should release a box set of those SPIDERMAN shows, the two CAPTAIN AMERICA TV movies and the DR. STRANGE TV movie together in a set. The HULK tv movies are already out from AB, I think.

  5. It is too bad that they havent released all of those old movies, or the 90s Captain American and Fantastic 4 just for camp value if nothing else. I actually really liked the Corman FF movie, it was cheesy as all hell but The Thing looked much closer to the comics there than Chiklis did in the new version!

  6. Yeah I thought 'Thing' looked great in Corman's FF flick. I thought it was pretty good for a film made for around a million dollars.