Abominable (2006)

After a number of terrible B-movie attempts on the creature, the legend of Big Foot comes roaring back to life in 2006's ABOMINABLE! An invalid is trapped in his mountain home across from a group of teenagers as a rampaging monster tears through town. Ryan Schifrin's monster opus is filled with fun moments, but the film as a whole fails to impress. The main problems lie in its poor pacing and awkward story structure. Most of the (in)action involves Matt McCoy's wheelchair-bound character watching his neighbors through a pair of binoculars while the audience remains trapped in the house with him. When things finally get moving after several of the girls are ripped to shreds next door, the story gets in the way once again and immediately draws all forward momentum to a halt. While it is nice to see someone take a serious approach to the material, ABOMINABLE constantly forgets about the fun factor that is needed for a successful creature feature. Schifrin looks to correct this in the film's final moments, but by then it is just too late. A special mention must go out to the creature's creator, Federico D'Alessandro, whose unique designs give the beast a ferocious new look that is unlike any other. ABOMINABLE is one of the better Big Foot films out there, but like all of the others, it still doesn't quite get the formula right.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. I saw this at a friends house on its Sci Fi Channel premier. I read about the nudity in it, but never rented it to see that and the trimmed gore. I thought it was pretty good save for the kinda silly, less than serious looking complexion of the monster.

  2. It is better than nearly every Big Foot movie I can think of, but the pacing just kills it for me. So much time is wasted in the cabin, granted the budgetary limitations were the cause for the reduced amount of carnage. The attack sequences were just placed way too far apart, I just wish Schifrin would have had a second shot in a sequel!