Alien Vs Ninja (2010)

When a meteor crashes in rural Japan, it is up to a roving band of ninjas to destroy the sinister alien force that is unleashed! ALIEN VS NINJA is the latest in extreme violence and gore out of Japan, this time combining fast-action ninja sword-fighting with bloody alien carnage. Sure, this sounds great on paper, but the resulting film is just more mindless mayhem and buffoonery with very little payoff. First off, the digital filming makes it look like it was shot on a hand-held video-camera. It is also tough to decide which looks worse: the cheap rubber alien costume, or the cheaper computerized aliens. The stupid slapstick humor does nothing to help, either. Amazingly, the action sequences aren't half-bad, and they are shot at a quick enough pace as to make them appear cooler than they really are. What makes this one fail more than anything else is that it just isn't any fun like MEATBALL MACHINE or VAMPIRE GIRL VS FRANKENSTEIN GIRL. Bad cinema can only take you so far without the added entertainment factor. ALIEN VS NINJA will only serve as a sick form of self-inflicted punishment unless you are a fan of terrible Japanese B-movies.

Rating: 4/10.
Gore: 8/10.

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  1. Really? The film is no classic, but it's fun.

    Did you go in expecting something else, Carl? I mean, how can a movie with such a silly and stupid title disappoint when it's silly and stupid?

    Sure it's cheap. It's a film called 'Alien vs. Ninja.'

  2. Silly? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Fun? No. I like silly and stupid, when there is some entertainment to be found somewhere in between. This was an all around miss for me, I'll take MACHINE GIRL first.

  3. i want to see it, it sounds really silly.... i like silly

  4. This sounds a lot like Keita Amemiya's cool sci fi tokusatsu CYBER NINJA from 1988.