Atragon (1963)

An agent from the kingdom of Mu surfaces on land in an attempt to kidnap several of Earth's most brilliant scientists, but when his plan fails, the underwater empire launches an all-out attack in a quest for world domination! Now, Earth's forces must activate the flying supersub Atragon in order to engage the enemy and fight off their powerful god, Manda! Legendary fantasy director Ishiro Honda brings to life more high-powered action and adventure in ATRAGON, which crosses the spy thriller with the classic Japanese monster movie. Honda also draws together elements from many of his earlier films, mainly THE MYSTERIANS and MOTHRA, while he continues to drive home a strong sense of Japanese nationalism and world unity. Despite the fact that it is commonly cited as a Kaiju Eiga, the great Manda only plays a small role in the overall film. He still makes a big impression during the climactic underwater battle sequence at the gates of the Mu empire. ATRAGON may be one of Honda's lesser known films, but it is no less deserving than his other fantasy epics.

Rating: 7/10.

Monsters: Manda.

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  1. I saw this on channel 48 as a kid and didn't like it much, but when I saw a fansubbed version years later, I appreciated it a lot more. The Atragon vessel turned up in other movies, too, such as Toho's terrible STAR WARS rip off, THE WAR IN SPACE (1977).

  2. I was surprised Honda didnt bring more to this film, I consider it alongside VARAN as another of his mediocre efforts.