Brain Dead (2010)

An alien parasite has crashed into Earth with only one thing on its mind: braaaains! With each host it infects, it begins building an army of the undead, and it is up to a group of six unlucky victims to strangers to stop them. As the title implies, BRAIN DEAD is entirely devoid of intelligence, often to the point of becoming unbearable. The 1980's were huge for director Kevin Tenney, who brought us cult-classics like WITCHBOARD and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, but unfortunately this schlocky B-movie isn't the career booster many of us were hoping for. Forgetting the abysmal cast, the only person really worth mentioning is long-time Henenlotter collaborator Gabe Bartalos, who designed the hilarious and bloody splatter effects. While there is just enough gore, nudity, and stupid humor to get by, BRAIN DEAD should be considered a complete failure on almost every level.

Rating: 4/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. I enjoyed this for some reason. I admit it's definitely not as great as Tenney's 80s stuff, but at least I had a good time watching this schlockfest

  2. I honestly think that Drew Buloc's THE TAINT has permanently ruined all other schlockers with its amazingness. I felt like I was taking a constant beating watching BRAIN DEAD, especially when nothing happens for about an hour after the first awesome gore scene.

  3. I liked it and I liked The Taint. I'm sure there's room to like both :-)

  4. I tried so hard JV.. While I appreciate the nudity, the gore was more sparing than it should have been, and I just coudlnt get into the humor. Maybe round two will go better?