Press Release: Special Guests Announced for Evil Bong 3-D Premiere!

Full Moon Announces Special Guests for the World Premiere of

CHICAGO, IL - March 30, 2011 - Chicago is about to blow-up with the World Premiere of EVIL BONG 3-D: THE WRATH OF BONG!!! Read on for the exciting new announcements that include super special guests and awesome new merchandise!!!

* Super excited to let you all know that legendary director Stuart Gordon is now attending the event! Which makes perfect sense since Stuart directed Castle Freak, From Beyond and Re-Animator - all screening in 35mm in Chicago on the 9th!!!
* In addition FX wizard Tom Devlin will be there - not only has Tom done some amazing work on Killjoy 3 and Evil Bong 3-D he was one of the final contestants on the very popular SciFi reality show Face-Off!
* Plus of course Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, Castle Freak and From Beyond!)
* and Robin Sydney (Masters Of Horror, The Lost and Evil Bong 1-3!) is attending!
* And the Full Moon Horror Road Show!

Plus!!! We will have some totally cool NEW merchandise for sale!

* Killer Zippo style Blade and Evil Bong lighters!
* A kick-ass surprise box set available only at the Evil Bong 3-D screenings,
* Evil Bong 3-D Killer T-Shirts
* Series #1 of 6 Full Moon Masks,
* Fantastic limited edition Gingerdeadman Replicas,
* An exclusive(not for retail) 2 DVD combo package that features the "Original Harry Potter!" and the "Original Cowboys & Aliens!"
* And the first unveiling of a new related line of amazing merchandise called Haunted Casinos!
* And more!!!

It all starts in Chicago on April 9th!!!!!
The 12 hour full event is $25.00 starting at 2pm.
OR you can come at 8pm to the Road Show, see Evil Bong 3-D, and Re-Animator for only $15.00!!! Tickets on sale now at!!!

Charles Band


  1. crap a ding, i am in chicago... thanks for the update...

  2. I've got tickets to the one in Jersey, I cannot wait!

  3. iZ they will be coming soon, Im sure! Jay, jealous man, I made it two years ago in La Jolla, but I was hoping to make it to one of the premieres here in CA too! Even more jealous that you, Geof, and the gang got to hang out without me again at the convention!!