The Resident (2011)

Hammer Horror returns home in THE RESIDENT, featuring the legendary Christopher Lee! Hilary Swank stars as a New York doctor that moves into a beautifully renovated apartment downtown, but what she doesn't realize is that behind those rattling mirrors and creaking pipes, someone is watching... THE RESIDENT is surprisingly stylish and unnerving for an otherwise average thriller. Finnish director Antti Jokinen plays on the inherent fears of moving into a creepy new home, transforming common household noises into night terrors similar to those found in WHEN A STRANGER CALLS and HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. Although Hilary Swank is rather unremarkable, WATCHMEN'S Jeffrey Dean Morgan carries much of the film as her unassuming landlord Max. His warm and inviting smile genuinely disarms the audience until his sick obsession with Juliet is finally revealed. From there, unfortunately, it becomes just another routine thriller with few shocks and little suspense. With a touch of PSYCHO and PEEPING TOM, Hammer's THE RESIDENT is still a fun watch for thriller fans despite its utter predictability.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. Never heard of this, but heading to Netflix now, cause it sounds like a good watch!

  2. It is worth the watch for Morgan's performance alone Wings!

  3. I don't know... It sounds pretty good, but I really hate Hillary Swank.

  4. Yeah.. Adding her to the cast really didnt help the film's case.. I would have gone with an unknown.