Monday, March 21, 2011

Short: Jack in the Box (2010)

No amount of alcohol can rid Jack of the incessant voice that plagues him from within a child's play toy, but what hidden secrets from Jack's past are truly haunting him? Robert Kreh follows up his successful short KNICKER KNOCKERS with this terror tale featuring a sinister Jack in the Box. This script is very repetitive, and only leads to an expected end. Phillip Guy also struggles in the lead with a staged performance. A tighter edit may have helped, but JACK IN THE BOX is too long and drawn out for its simple solution.

Rating: 5/10.


  1. The entire film is up for viewing:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  2. I actauly liked the movie! Myself and husband was kinda thrown off the first couple of minutes ill admit, but once into the movie,we coudnt stop watching it.I had to pause it when going to the frig so i woudnt miss it!!.It was scary,humorous and the ending made me cry.I also believe the acting was well done!!Phillip guys acting made it very believable in his acting that the jack in the box was real!!.Can you point out what looked like a staged performance?..The kid actors where adorable and did great!!.This was the first movie that i watched so far from Director Rob Kreh.I look forward to watching his other movies M.J

  3. i totally agree with you... i have watched robert grow from his first to jack in the box... i hope yu watch knicker knockers... yes i agree it had it all in the movie... thanks again for yur comments...

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  5. With an invitation like that, how can I not?

  6. Oh mighty commenter, please come back and thrill us with another of your witty retorts!


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