Broken (2006)

Hope seems lost for a young mother who is kidnapped and held captive in the woods by a crazed hunter, but each deadly new game of survival gives her more strength and determination to break free and save her daughter. Although it was purportedly based on true events, it seems much more likely that BROKEN was a rushed effort made to cash in on the then-popular trend in Torture Porn films. Adam Mason and Simon Boyes find moderate success by turning stomachs with their ultra-realistic gore sequences, but this low-budget effort is an otherwise unremarkable attempt that simply aims to shock and disgust its audience. The threadbare plot contains very little dialog, and instead focuses on the humiliating and exploitative tortures instilled by the villain. It is not helped either by the lackluster performances from its two leads, the cheap digital filming, artificial lighting, or overall lack of explanation behind the events. In an interesting twist, however, Mason and Boyes make a valid attempt to explore the psychology of their victim as her mind and body are broken by her master.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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