Catfish (2010)

Everything seems to be going great between Nev and Meg as they continue to build an online relationship through Facebook, but when Nev and two of his filmmaker friends begin finding evidence that Meg might not be who she says she is, he will be caught in an intricate web of lies and deceit leading up to a shocking reveal! In a time when social networking and online activity are at their peak, a personal documentary like CATFISH strikes the hardest, and becomes more unnerving than any amount of violence and gore. CATFISH allows the viewer intimate access into Nev's daily life as he and his friends continue to discover just how deep and twisted his fantasy relationship had become as it is unfolding on screen. The extreme moments of tension and utter disbelief as the group grows closer to the truth are enough to make your stomach drop and heart race. Nev's experience forces the viewer to confront the reality of online interaction, and closely consider the effect that shifting identities and false fronts can create while we attempt to promote ourselves in the best light possible. CATFISH is the next step in reality filmmaking, and should serve as a terrifying reminder for unsuspecting Internet users.

Rating: 9/10.

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  1. I totally agree, Carl. I loved this doc, and it had some truly creepy and unnerving scenes. It's kind of amusing, I think, that this was a genuine documentary, and it was in essence marketed as a horror film. As opposed to the plethora of horror films that we see these days marketed as documentaries. I had been told that it was best to go into this movie completely fresh, so I avoided any and all reviews until I saw right up until the moment it started I still wasn't sure if it was real or not! Regarding the ending: as this was a genuine documentary, we can't hold it against the film. However, if it was a horror film, everyone would have been disappointed.

    One of the best documentaries I have seen in some time! They even managed to keep it visually interesting in ways that were appropriate to the subject matter.


  2. Jonny I agree on all parts, I had only seen the trailer and hadnt read any reviews, but I was instantly captivated. I fully appreciate the ending, as it is humanizing and real. Anyone that hisses and moans that it is not what they expected deserve the disappointment, because that is true reality. Nothing was staged, nothing was doctored. Glad I have a CATFISH buddy!

  3. I'm really glad you enjoyed this one. I loved it. The film takes you through all this suspense only to end up with a simple human sadness. And that is what makes it so powerful! Catfish was one of the most impacting film experiences I've had in a while. You can count me in as another Catfish buddy! Haha.

  4. I loved Catfish, too, and what I think really made it great was the sadness and apathy felt for the woman at the end. You see she is living a tough life, and she uses the internet as her own form of escapism. She creates her own little universe, a place to go to to stimulate her imagination, a dream world, if you will. It's almost like reading a book, or watching a TV series, but she is the puppeteer. Great film.

  5. More CATFISH friends, w00t! Glad you guys liked it too Becks and Matt, I am really glad the Nev and Rel take us all the way through the emotional struggle at the end instead of ending on a sensational high. That was a brilliant stroke, since they could have shaped it more as a thriller than as a devastating but heartfelt documentary.

  6. I have never seen this one, but it looks interesting. Thanks for sharing this will us as I will look for it at the video store.