The Centerfold Girls (1974)

A cleanly-dressed Andrew Prine looks to rid the world of lewd women with a little help from his straight razor in THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS from 1974. THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS is pure sleaze and exploitation for exploitation's sake, with no social significance or redeeming moral value to be found anywhere in its blatant attempt to suppress female sexuality, and that is what makes it one of the best examples within its own genre. The female characters, who are constantly finding new and creative reasons for getting undressed, are portrayed as being weak and naive, easily manipulated and controlled by the men in the film before our killer is finally able to "help" them pay for their so-called "sins." Surprisingly, Andrew Prine's killer is the least vile of any of the men, who each rape, beat, and subvert the girls in any way that they can. Prine puts in another wicked performance as Clement Dunne, giving the character a cool but calculated composure that is seasoned with a sprinkling of dark humor. THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS delivers on all of the raw violence, nudity, and downright nastiness that exploitation fans crave!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. Great write up, Carl. I been singing this ones praises for some time now and nobody seems to be interested. Shocking. This is a great piece of nasty 70s trash and very original in my book. I'm trying to play catch up, Carl. I've been out of the blog game for a bit now and gotten quite lazy.

  2. I hear ya man, I've barely had time to work on my own site, and no time to spend networking around town. Glad you found the review though, I know how much you love the film! Cant WAIT to meet Prine in May, will be bringing along TERROR CIRCUS since I preferred it just over this one.