Hollywood Boulevard (1976)

HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD has got it all: big action sequences, explosions, steamy sex scenes, car chases, monsters, aliens, and plenty of girls with HUGE... aspirations! Candy leaves Indiana with hopes of making it big in Hollywood, but shady producers and hackney directors lead her down the boulevard of broken dreams. Joe Dante's first feature serves up plenty of zany comedy with the same fun and enthusiasm that he would bring to later films like ROCK 'N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL and GREMLINS. HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD is both a sad and hilarious look at B-movie filmmaking, and it is entirely self-reflective in the fact that it was made under many of the same circumstances that appear in the story. After serving as one of Roger Corman's editors for years, Dante was finally given the chance to direct as long as he could make the film on a non-existent budget. He achieves this and more by shooting around other camp classics like DEATH RACE 2000 while weaving together his own silly satire. Many longtime Corman favorites like Dick Miller and Paul Bartel star in a series of quirky cameos, but Candice Rialson stands out most as the unlucky lead. All of the kooky antics lead up to a climactic showdown that fittingly takes place beneath the Hollywood sign. Fans of Joe Dante and John Landis' particular brand of humor are sure to love this 1976 cult comedy!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. I'm glad you finally got around to this one, Carl. I love this movie. Any fan of Corman movies and particularly New World should see it. Great write up, too, Carl.

  2. Definitely a good time, but Dante's story behind making the film is just as interesting! Loved seeing him work in the stock footage in interesting and funny ways!