The Inheritance (2011)

When the great-grandchildren of five wealthy slave families come together to meet with the elders for their inheritance, they will find out that the family fortune comes at a terrible price that must be paid in blood! THE INHERITANCE is built on a unique and interesting piece of traditional slave folklore that can best be related to THE SKELETON KEY within the genre. It is too bad that the film loses itself in cheap cliches and tired genre conventions, since it had the potential to become a much more chilling ghost tale. Writer/Director Robert O'Hara includes a number of garish sound and editing choices like split-screen and both fast- and slow-motion techniques where they are absolutely unnecessary, which makes it difficult to take the film seriously at times. His talented cast is wasted on stiff and unnatural dialog that brings down their performances. By the end, THE INHERITANCE suffers from a complete identity crisis as it struggles to define itself as either a mediocre ghost tale or weak Slasher. However, as one of the few films of its kind, it does present a strong cultural influence that is rarely seen in modern haunts.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. Just watched this movie and I would agree that It doesn't know what type of movie it wants to be. However, I would not have given it a 6/10 because that implies you could sit through it without saying "man this is boring" Which my wife and I said countless times.

    The premise was interesting which is why I wanted to watch it. I watched it without reading reviews first because I like to judge a movie on its own merits.

    The acting was horrible and the story didn't make much sense. The way they reacted was also unbelievable. If I confirm someone is dead and then I see them alive again only to see them dead again and then once again alive (this time getting killed) maybe just maybe I won't run over there to get killed as well. Just sayin.

  2. I agree on most accounts, but a 6/10 here is a solid D grade, and there was enough attempt at originality and technical competence to grade it above failing.

  3. I completely agree with anonymous, its not the worst movie ever but really close. It was offensively terrible and had a disjointed feel. One minute you see them running out of the car the next they are treating someone back at the car.