Press Release: BleedFest Returns With Badass Women, Rockers, and Moms

BleedFest Film Festival Returns With
Sunday, May 1st in Sherman Oaks

SHERMAN OAKS, CA - April 29, 2011 - BleedFest Film Festival proudly announces the official line-up for May's upcoming event, featuring Badass Women, Rockers, and Moms:

Sunday May 1st, 2011
TIME: 11am-4:00pm
Location: CAP Theatre
13752 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
$10 cash at door for all day ticket and open bar

Our May Charity event is for SOJOURN. Bring any household donations on their list and get in to BleedFest for half price!

Schedule subject to change, personal appearances dependent on schedule.
Monthly charity to be announced soon.
May IndieGoGo campaign

11:00am-11:15am RED CARPET, OPEN BAR, MIXER

11:15am-11:40am BADASS SHORTS 

-BULLET, 2010 (7 minutes) by Rebecca Drummond

-TAKE OUT, 2010 (8 minutes) by Bridget Palardy

-ASSASINS –Webisode THE SHOWDOWN, 2011 (6 minutes)
by Barbara Stepansky

11:40am-11:55am SCREENWRITER AWARD

AWKWARD EMBRACES -Webisode: THE FLASHBACK, 2011 (8 minutes)

Q&A Jessica Mills
11:55am-12:10pm PRODUCER AWARD

THE GIRLS ON FILM –Webisode: THE TOWN, 2011 (6 minutes)

Q&A with Ashleigh Harrington, Jeff Hammond

12:10pm-12:20pm PARTNERSHIP AWARD
Screening of trailer MOTHER’S RED DRESS, 2011 (2 minutes)
Q&A recipient John Paul Rice with director Edgar Michael Bravo
 and editor Brian Nelson

12:20pm-12:30pm SNEAK PEAK
ACCOMPLICE, 2011 (5 minutes)
by Brenda Fies
Q&A stars Jessica Cameron, Trista Caruso, Brian Hunt, director Brenda Fies

12:30pm-12:55pm BREAK: Open Bar, Red Carpet, Mixer!!!

12:55pm-1:00pm LIVE STAND-UP COMEDY
First 5 minutes of UNDER THE HOOD one woman show by Candice Rankin

MOMZ HOT ROCKS, 2009 (90 minutes) by Kate Perotti
Introducing Joy Rose, mother of 4, lead singer of Housewives on Prozac and founder of Mamapalooza Festivals, Frump from Texas, Placenta from California, the Mydols Detroit and a comic from Nashville. The concept and reality are humorous, fast paced and intense. Each of the bands is a completely different entity, each member with unique passions, duties and agendas. Being in a band is likened to being in a marriage and these groups of women formed during and after family life. Never mind the laundry, the balancing act only intensifies as tasks increase with both family and blossoming new musical careers.

2:30pm-2:50pm BREAK

I WAS A TEENAGE FEMINIST, 2005 (62 minutes) by Therese Shecter
When did feminism become a bad word? Why is it that young independent, progressive women in today’s society feel uncomfortable identifying with the F-word? Join filmmaker Therese Shechter as she takes a funny, moving and very personal journey into the heart of Feminism, circa 2005. Armed with a video camera and an irreverent sense of humor, Therese talks with Feminist superstars, rowdy frat boys, liberated Cosmo girls and Radical Cheerleaders, all in her quest to find out whether Feminism can still be a source of personal and political power.



The rumor is true…
June will feature very special guests and the badass documentary I AM NANCY directed by Arlene Marachel starring Heather Langenkamp!

Shorts include ZEKE, 2003 (15 minutes) by Dana Buning, HARD TO DO, 2011 (8 minutes) directed by Elisabeth Fies, written by and starring Kit Williamson, NEIGHBORS, 2011, by Stephen Johnson & Robyn Simms
Our charity is Impact Personal Safety, and there will be a full contact live demonstration of their self defense techniques.


  1. Im going to miss you guys Sunday, but if I can get everything in order here at the house, you know I will be first in line!