Press Release: Full Moon's Smokin' 420 Sale!!

Celebrate 420 with Full Moon's
One Day ONLY: April 20th

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 18, 2011 - Available ONLY at!! 99% of all of Full Moon's products will be on sale in celebration of the release of Evil Bong 3-D and 420! There will only be a few exceptions, but not many! Even tickets to the screenings will be 42% off for ONE day only. That means you can see Evil Bong 3D: The Wrath of Bong in theatres in Dallas for only $8.70! (usually $15)

You can also attend the ALL DAY Full Moon Film Fest in New Jersey for only $14.85!!! (usually $25)

Charles Band got on camera to tell you about the new items going up on:

Many new items debuting on 420 will be 42% OFF!
- New Evil Bong 3D Shirt (featuring the Alien Bong)
- High end Zippo-style lighters (Blade, Alien Bong, and Evil Bong featuring Tommy Chong)
- Haunted Casino Ghost Cards (standard 52 card poker deck, plus jokers)

And the new Gingerdeadman Replica will be at the already rock bottom Road Show price of $150!!! (usually $200)

To celebrate Evil Bong 3D's awesome opening weekend, we're giving fans across the world a special treat on 420..... All these items will be available on for the first time on Wednesday, April 20th!

PLUS: The new Haunted Casinos shot glasses go on sale! This ultra unique set of 5 shot glasses makes a killer gift, featuring the sinister aces (clubs, spades, diamonds, hearts) of the Haunted Casino poker deck and the joker on the fifth shot glass. The shot glasses debut exclusively in Tempe on Saturday, April 16th at the Evil Bong 3D screenings (8pm & 10:30pm). And to celebrate 420, the shot glasses and all the other new merch will go on sale at for the first time on Wednesday, April 20th!

For those of you in Dallas, we'll see you on April 20th at the Evil Bong 3D screening!

For tickets, go to

And check out the new relaunch of - new stuff added all the time!


  1. Did you take advantage of the sale? I did. =)

    BTW - I am heading to the Full Moon Roadshow in a few weeks and will be seeing Evil Bong 3D on the big screen!

  2. Ohh I most certainly did, needed to grab EVIL BONG 1+2 to prepare for 3-D!! I havent seen any announcements for the roadshow hitting So Cal yet Geof, but I may or may not have been given access to more set visits at the Full Moon studios in the coming months!