Short: You Are So Undead (2010)

Being bitten by a vampire has become the next big thing, and all of the kids are doing it! Mary finally lets a boy go all the way, but her mom is going to kill her when she finds those puncture marks on her neck! YOU ARE SO UNDEAD is a breath of fresh air in a genre that has been beaten to undeath. The sharp wit and clever metaphors found in Lisa Hunter's script equates sex and vampirism in the same way that GINGER SNAPS linked puberty with werewolves. Meaghan Rath and Erin Agostino are each fantastic, and play right into the brilliant humor. The short wraps up with a perfectly timed twist in the end. Hopefully this isn't the last we hear from newcomers Lisa Hunter and Alex Epstein, as YOU ARE SO UNDEAD is sure to become a huge sensation with Horror fans!

Rating: 9/10.


  1. Where can I watch this movie?! Please tell me.


  2. Pinkie, it is still making its way around the festival circuit, so you will have to look for it in local film festivals before it is finally released online!

  3. where can I watch this movie? Please tell me.