Monday, April 4, 2011

Tremors 4 (2004)

TREMORS heads back to the Old West in a prequel of monstrous proportions! When workers begin disappearing in a nearby silver mine, the dusty town of Rejection must call on mine owner Hiram Gummer to save the day. With the help of a local rancher and a hired gun, Hiram will take on the subterranean terrors before they destroy what's left of the town and spread out towards the big city! Michael Gross returns for the final installment in the series, which by now has lost most of its steam. His character, the ancestor to gun nut Burt Gummer, is too rigid and serious to be much fun outside of a few snooty moments of arrogance. Billy Drago also makes an appearance as Black Hand Kelly, bringing with him more of his particular brand of weird. TREMORS 4 follows many of the same action and story beats as the previous films, so fans of the series will know exactly what to expect at this point. Still, the Old West setting makes for an exciting new backdrop to unleash the creatures upon.

Rating: 6/10.


  1. I loved the original Tremors, but I'm a little surprised to see them going back to the well one more time...yet every time I ask "Does anyone really care anymore?" with these long running franchises, it always turns out that someone, somewhere, still does...

  2. I'm a completist at heart, so I will sit and watch entry after entry of any horror franchise in the hopes that one direct will finally get it and bring back the fun and originality of the first film.. But it will be a loooong wait..

  3. There's still the TV series, which is actually out on DVD now. Not that I'm necessarily recommending it to anyone, but it does exist. :-)

  4. I saw it on Amazon and though "How quaint" as well, I may have seen one episode over the years?


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