Maniac Cop 2 (1990)

The 'Maniac Cop' is back on the beat, and still looking for revenge against the system that betrayed him. Matt Cordell returns along with a rag-tag team of inmates that he has assembled to wage an assault on Sing Sing, the prison facility where he was sentenced to die. MANIAC COP 2 is bigger and badder than the original in every way possible. While most genre fans regard the grimy exploitation classic MANIAC as his greatest work, MANIAC COP 2 is, without question, Lustig's most technically-accomplished film to date. It is filled with high-powered car chases, explosive action sequences, and ambitious camera work that each show a true progression in form for the director. Robert Davi steps in for Tom Atkins in a commanding lead, partnering up with Claudia Christian as a ballsy police psychiatrist. All of the suspense leads up to a bloody rampage through the police headquarters before the fiery finale in the cell blocks of Sing Sing. MANIAC COP 2 is the perfect blend of action and horror for Slasher and Cop Thriller fans alike!

Rating: 8/10.


  1. Maybe, but we don't get a car chase with the Maniac Cop while he's on fire though. To me, nothing tops that.

    Plus, random voodoo.

  2. Wow, that is a blast from the past. Have not seen that one in ages. Glad to hear that it still stands the test of time. Going to have to track it down again...darn you and your link to Amazon!


  3. Fangoria hyped this one to high heaven as did the Lustig and crew interviews and it did deliver the gory goods! It was nice seeing Claudia Christian in a big role. She's also great in this BASIC INSTINCT style black comedy called HEXED from the early 90s. R. Lee Ermey is in that, too. Haven't seen that one in years, but remember laughing a lot watching it.

  4. Havent seen HEXED, but I cant decide whether i prefer MC 1 or 2, both great in their own ways!