Press Release: Your Second Chance to Produce for Full Moon Entertainment!!

Full Moon Looks to Fans to Produce

LOS ANGELES, CA - May 19, 2011 - The premiere of Evil Bong 3D was a big success! As reported by Rentrak, Evil Bong 3D was the #1 theatrical engagement in Chicago for the weekend of April 9th. Even though by mainstream Hollywood standards, we had a very low budget - for us it was a big step. The theatrical component added to the credibility and media presence of Full Moon's new era.

The theatrical success is driving interest in the secondary market with releases on video and VOD (which is our specialty!). Our distribution partners are helping us penetrate the market and expand our reach. We're developing existing deals with Warner Digital and New Video. And negotiating new deals with Echo Bridge and Shout Factory. Some fantastic deals! The numbers are exciting. One of the big highlights was achieving placement of the Puppet Master box set in Walmart during the Christmas season. It was huge for us. Of course, when dealing with a big box chain like Walmart or Best Buy, first there is investment, placement, and the extended wait time for accounting. That reality inspired us to move forward and create Evil Bong 3D. Now many Full Moon titles, including Evil Bong 1 & 2, are being distributed broadly at retail (we're working on getting Evil Bong 3 into the 3 pack!).

In the next few months, we will focus on what we do best: Produce Full Moon films! In January, some of you helped get Evil Bong 3D produced. The intention now is to create 3 new films with a small and experienced crew, utilize similar locations, and take advantage of the efficiency. These films will be in the classic Full Moon vein, with elements of horror, fantasy, sci fi, puppets, creatures, and dolls. The titles are Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt, Unlucky Charms, and.......... The Dead Want Women!

Our window of opportunity is in late May and finishing in late June. It's about 6 weeks of principle production. And this window exists for 3 reasons:

· Distribution opportunities offered to us for brand new content.

· Availability of our very talented Director of Photography Tom Callaway and FX Master Tom Devlin.

· Timing for a Halloween release on the first feature film. After production, post-production will take a few months.

In order to complete principal photography by the end of June, there is an opportunity for you to help us produce these films. Distribution of the films will begin with a September/October release in time for Halloween and staggered over the months that follow. Please contact us for information on this opportunity.

Interested in becoming a producer? Contact Carl at for the complete details!


  1. 'The Killer Eye 2?' Can I help Produce it as part of an inside job to stop it from being done?

    Seriously though, I guess it's good for them. If the movies stop sucking, I may be inclined to get more involved.

  2. With a 50% return on investment, who can say no?