Horror Fans Unite: Bring Leslie Vernon Back to the Big Screen!!

Director Scott Glosserman Launches a New Online Campaign
To Bring Leslie Vernon Back To Life In

LOS ANGELES, CA - June 26, 2011 - BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON has become this decade's smash Indie Horror sensation, and now, director Scott Glosserman along with the entire cast and crew of the original film need your help! The BEHIND THE MASK team is looking to pre-sell enough copies of the *exclusive* new Fan Edition of BEFORE THE MASK: THE RETURN OF LESLIE VERNON to fund the upcoming sequel/prequel. This is an exciting and unique new way to involve the fans in the films creation, and it is the ONLY way that we will see the film get made!! Read on for the details, and be sure to visit the official Facebook page to pre-order your copy of BEFORE THE MASK today!!

Before the Mask: The Official Facebook Page


HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED. With the possible exception of a woman you tried to decapitate...

Taylor Gentry has a score to settle, and she's not about to let a little thing like Leslie Vernon's disappearing without a trace slow her down. And so, in the immediate aftermath of the Harvest Moon killings, the hunter becomes the hunted. But even as Taylor doggedly pursues her tormentor, she slowly uncovers the deeper, darker secrets of his past, and what truly drives Leslie Vernon in his quest to be the best of all psycho-slasher killers. Mind-bending revelations of family history, sibling rivalry, and even the terrifying prospect that he may not be acting alone... as evidenced by a tattered photo of a young Leslie with a paternal twin... all drive Taylor to the very edge of madness, until she's caught once again in a frenetic race to stop Leslie's second coming and save her own soul in the process! With a slasher film first- death by rabid, stampeding rhinoceros, THIS is the horror sequel you WILL. NOT. BE. ...seeing. Come on, now. You didn't think Leslie Vernon would let his story get out before he wanted it to, did you?

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