Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut (2008)

Director Jack Messitt steps back behind the camera for a series of bloody reshoots in the re-release of MIDNIGHT MOVIE: THE KILLER CUT. In the tradition of DEMONS and ANGUISH, the unsuspecting audience members of a local theater become the film's next victims when the sinister soul of the director is unleashed upon them from within his possessed film reel! MIDNIGHT MOVIE joins HATCHET and LAID TO REST as one of the latest Revivalist Slashers with a purely 80's appeal. Although it is still stifled by its weak performances, this tighter, gorier version packs in improved special effects and adds a whole new dimension to the masked villain that was lacking in the earlier cut. Radford has a very distinct and menacing appearance, and his supernatural abilities to intercut between the 'real-world' and the 'reel-world' make him a terrifying new villain. The newly-revamped MIDNIGHT MOVIE is a fun and campy throwback to the early 80's that Slasher fans are sure to enjoy!

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. i loved the re-cut and i think i am in love with all the ladies in the film... so i am blindsided by it. if you would like to stop by i have a handful of reviews and interviews from "midnight movie: the killer cut"... i have been talking with jack since the score got released, very cool dude...


  2. I definitely remember reading the interviews going back last year iZ, Im glad I finally got to see the film as it was intended to look!

  3. there is more to read, i am interviewing the cast and more in the last month or so. whoo-hoo!

  4. Sweet dude, I am all in!! Jack is super cool, glad he allowed us to prescreen the new release!