Press Release: The Clinic Finds Its Way Home This August

The Clinic Finds Its Way Home
To DVD This August

“The movie also has one of the best “Oh s***...” scares in recent memory.”

“…a breath of fresh air, thanks to a unique scenario, a decent twist, and way above average technical and acting qualities.”

LOS ANGELES, CA - June 2, 2011 - Parents will do anything to save their children. What if the unspeakable has happened – how far are they willing to go? On August 9, Image Entertainment will release The Clinic, a film that operates on the deepest human fears and the darkest of speculations. The Official Selection at the Melbourne International Film Festival, Frightfest Film Festival London and Screamfest among others, The Clinic DVD will be available in two versions, rated or unrated – with approximately two more minutes of graphic terror! MSRP for both versions will be $27.97.

On Christmas Eve, 1979, Cameron (Andy Whitfield, “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”) and his pregnant wife Beth (Tabrett Bethell, “Legend of the Seeker”) have decided to take a break from their road trip through the Australian Outback, stopping for the night at a desolate motel. But something diabolical is about to happen: in the dead of night Beth is abducted from their room to wake up in an ice-filled bathtub…with her baby gone! She finds herself held captive in a clinic of the cruelest kind: where mothers that are near birth are given C-sections...and not by choice.

As Cameron frantically searches for his wife, some of the women imprisoned at the clinic stay to search for their stolen children…while others try to escape by any means possible.

Inspired by true events, The Clinic explores a new mother’s unspeakable fear and a father’s desperation. In the tradition of Wolf Creek, this is a thriller that preys on the mind as it asks terrible questions: why were the mothers kept alive – why were their babies taken? What are they being kept for?

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