The Unnamable (1988)

Taken from the pages of H.P. Lovecraft, THE UNNAMABLE tells the tale of a horrific creature that was locked up in the vaults of a forbidden mansion after slaying its family back in the 1800s. Nearly two centuries later, a group of naive college students ignore the local legends and decide to spend the night within its cursed walls, but they will quickly learn to regret it when the creature breaks free from its earthly prison! Lovecraft became a hot commodity after the success of Empire's RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND, but this lesser-known entry exchanges the sharp scripting and deliciously dark humor of Gordon's films in place of cheap scares and gratuitous gore. The old, dark mansion is suitably creepy, but the shrill cries of the creature score the only legitimate thrills. Other than that, it is more of the same old story, where the teens are separated and brutally killed for meddling where they don't belong. For as average and boring as the film is otherwise, the gore and creature effects are top-rate, with an incredibly unique design by Chris Biggs. A worthwhile creature-feature for late-80's Splatter fans.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. Yeah, The Unnamable is pretty disappointing. It's essentially a bad Slasher film, and it takes way too long to get the pay off from that great looking creature. I just recently picked up the sequel, which, from what I can remember of it, is a heck of a lot better and very fun.

  2. I was only glad that Netflix streamed the original since I just bought the sequel too, still looking forward to it, heard it was a definite improvement!

  3. Never heard of either the film or the sequel!

  4. I remember this one, and I think your review was spot-on. I didn't know they made a sequel.

  5. Scared, welcome to the site! Joe will have to get caught up on the first film, then we all need to have movie night to check out the second! My copy should be arriving tomorrow..ish?