A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 (1989)

Having defeated Freddy Kruger in their last showdown, Alice Johnson tries to return to a normal life with a new set of friends, but Freddy's evil cannot be contained, and soon he attempts to bring himself back to life using the soul of Alice's unborn child! Director Stephen Hopkins makes several ambitious attempts with THE DREAM CHILD's visual palette, but no amount of dark Gothic atmosphere or twisted Expressionist sets can make up for the uneven editing and confused plot in this fifth NIGHTMARE. Freddy's lame jokes are only as bad as his make-up this round, and the monotony of the role finally seems to have set in on Robert Englund. While the audience was mostly ambivalent to the teens in THE DREAM MASTER, they are downright annoyed by the one-sided characters in THE DREAM CHILD. Even Alice has lost her strength as Lisa Wilcox sleepwalks through her performance. The incredible Escherian labyrinth laid out in the finale does score Hopkins a few extra points despite the film's negative reputation.

Rating: 6/10.

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