Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All God's Creatures (2011) A Flight Into A Great New Dark Horror

Fate brings a struggling prostitute into the arms of a lonely serial killer, giving each of them the chance at love that neither of them thought they deserved. More of a dark character drama than a true Horror film, ALL GOD'S CREATURES brings together two talented young actors in a twisted love story that challenges the meaning of the word. Straying from cheap flights down bad roads they've relied on so heavily in the past, they may have found a new path together. There is no hero when both characters are attempting to hide a secret life filled with regrets, but their efforts to overcome their troubled pasts truly humanizes them. Writer Josh Folan is ideal as Jon, delivering a cold and soulless performance that often recalls Michael C. Hall's Dexter. He could only be topped by Jessica Kaye in the role of Delia, the dark-haired beauty whose wild spontaneity and crass behavior instantly draw the audience in to her performance. Folan's script explores the psychology of a serial killer in love, and his struggle to separate the psychosexual urge to kill from his growing infatuation. It also touches on darker themes of desperation, sexual violence, and suicide that place a somber mood over the couple's budding romance. ALL GOD'S CREATURES is a strong entry into this year's Indie Horror scene that will rank highly among fans of Bret Easton Ellis and Jeff Lindsay.

Rating: 7/10.



  1. I've really cooled on Dexter the past couple seasons, but this sounds pretty good. I'll have to give it a shot.

  2. Just got this in the mail last week but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Heard wonderful things about it prior to the summer so I can't wait to screen it.

  3. I havent watched since Season 4, not out of spite but out of significant lack of owning the DVDs. This is good stuff though, I'm sure you guys will enjoy!

  4. Couldn't be more honored, with the mention of Ellis and the material in the same breath. Thanks from the entire cast and crew.

  5. Well deserved Josh, looking forward to the film's continued success!


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