Hellraiser 5 (2000)

Corrupt cop Joseph Thorne is hot on the trail of the sadistic killer known as "The Engineer," but with each new body he uncovers, he awakens another of his own personal demons! HELLRAISER: INFERNO denotes a clear shift in the series, where Pinhead is transformed from a source of unparalleled evil into the equivalent of a supernatural cynic that is sent to deliver moral lessons. Scott Derrickson molds this traditional Film Noir after the superior thriller ANGEL HEART, but Alan Parker he is not, and Craig Sheffer is certainly no stand-in for Mickey Rourke. While Derrickson does manage to recreate the grim, moody aesthetic of the genre, the confused plot falls apart very quickly and never recovers. Detective Thorne is completely unlikeable in every way, and it does not help that Sheffer overplays the role dramatically. INFERNO does include a few unsettling moments, particularly the one where two twin Cenobites attempt to seduce Thorne by running their hands beneath his flesh, but these scenes are disjointed at best. Those that do manage to maintain interest long enough to reach the end will only be disappointed by the muddled conclusion. HELLRAISER: INFERNO was an interesting direction to take the series that just doesn't come together in the end.

Rating: 6/10.


  1. I agree. I got bored half way through this film. Couldn't even finish it.

    - Tom Badguy

  2. I always start falling asleep when he gets to the poker house. I always want to give this one a chance, but it is just a pain to watch.