Friday, August 26, 2011

Subspecies 2 (1993)

Full Moon's Gothic vampire saga continues with BLOODSTONE: SUBSPECIES 2! Michele awakens to find herself a slave to the vampire blood that is now coursing through her veins. She quickly grabs the Bloodstone before escaping from Castle Vladislas and trying to find her way home. Meanwhile, the dark prince Radu has been restored to life by his evil minions, and he sets out to reclaim his birthright from his fleeing fledgling. SUBSPECIES 2 is an excellent follow-up that often succeeds over the original. Director Ted Nicolaou includes more of the light and shadow play that add an eerie sense of dread to the misty streets of Bucarest. The results are even more effective than before, but still use the simplest means necessary to accomplish the each of the frightening scenes. Anders Hove returns with another venomous performance as Radu, but he is unexpectedly upstaged by newcomer Denise Duff standing in for Laura Tate as Michele. Duff is a classic beauty, with an overwhelming sadness and strength that have been brought on by her new powers. It is her performance that counterbalances Radu's evil and carries their epic struggle through the second and third films. With a stronger story, superior special effects, and better overall acting, SUBSPECIES 2 is easily the highlight of the series.

Rating: 7/10.


  1. Love this whole series! Great review!!


  2. To be honest, I prefer the original film. It just feels less forced than this one or the later ones.

    Besides, this film has the opening that just sort of insults the original ending to make a sequel possible. Why keep the same cast when you can just cast William Shatner's daughter instead?

  3. I do hate that an essential character from the original is conveniently removed from the second one in the opening scenes, but Denise really makes the series for me. I really like the first film as well, this just feels more consistent and directed for me.

  4. I loved the Subspecies series. The first one more than the others. They are so dark and hopeless seeming.

  5. Radu is the ultimate vampire too, as vampire as you can possibly get!


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