Subspecies 3 (1994)

Fledgeling vampire Michele has given in to her bloodlust to join Radu in an unholy alliance, but Michele's sister Becky will not allow her to cross over without a fight! BLOODLUST continues the SUBSPECIES vampire saga at its own leisurely pace, retracing many of the same plot points from the previous films but with far less success. It isn't without its moments, however. Michele's first attempt to lure her prey using her new-found powers is highly atmospheric and brilliantly shot using only the most basic editing techniques as effectively as possible. The contrast between Denise Duff's pale beauty and Anders Hove's sinister, rat-like appearance set against their dark surroundings also makes for a number of striking images. Their sexual tension continues to grow as they push and pull away from one another in a game of cat and mouse. Although it takes a step down from the second film, fans of the series are still sure to enjoy this third entry.

Rating: 6/10.


  1. My problem with the subsequent sequels is that Denice Duff kind of took over the whole thing. I don't know why the original actress is not there, but her subtlety is missed!

    Did I miss a plot point in the first film that said that her character was super-important? She was just one of the group that showed up.

    With the same Writer/Director, it's just astounding to see a series go off of the rail so much! Imagine if Joe Dante had made 'Howling II' and 'III' & you have the 'Subspecies' series.

    I really do like the first one- honest.

  2. I love that she has a stronger role in the sequels, and that she embraces her new powers here, but by the fourth it does become a little much, especially when there is now a whole new coven of vamps.