Book Review: Chatterbox (2011)

True horror comes from the darkest depths of the soul, where each of us hide our demons from the outer world for fear of what others might think. It is the writer, the filmmaker, the painter who is able to tap into these terrible thoughts and exorcize them through their art instead of giving in to their destructive urges. Writer Jeremy Hawkins has confronted his own demons and transcribed them into a collection of short stories entitled Chatterbox, a personal and honest portrayal of raw human emotion.

Chatterbox consists of four main themes: Isolation, Insanity, Insecurity, and Identity, each of which explore feelings of hate, sadness, and regret which lead to thoughts of murder, suicide, rape, or worse. Hawkins has let down his guard as he invites the world in to his personal nightmares for the first time, while acknowledging that it is the love and support of friends and family as well as the cathartic release of his writings that have allowed him to escape the darkness. Chatterbox, in turn, serves as a catharsis for the reader, who can take solace in the fact that they are not alone, that every person has moments of darkness that can be overcome.

This rough first edition requires an editors touch to clean up the grammar and punctuation, but the freedom from a set style and form creates a true stream of consciousness. Hawkins has also filled each page with incredible art selections and textures that make Chatterbox look and feel like the diary of a madman.

Jeremy Hawkins has ripped his heart out, sliced it open, and put it on display by exclaiming "This is me!" He has embraced his most tragic and hidden moments in order to permanently rid himself of the skeletons hiding in his closet. For all of the negative thoughts that appear in Chatterbox, the fact that it has been written into a book and not a eulogy only gives hope and inspiration to those of us that are still trapped in darkness.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. thanks for the shout out, it's sad the dark places we have to go to find the light.

    if you would like to find out more please check out:

    you are the man, carl!
    jeremy [iZombie]