The Reef (2010)

A snorkeling trip through the Great Barrier Reef turns deadly for a small group of friends when their boat strikes bottom and capsizes in the shark infested waters. BLACK WATER director Andrew Traucki returns with another survival horror film entitled THE REEF, which is Australia's answer to OPEN WATER. Although it is very similar in structure, THE REEF fails to generate the same impact that OPEN WATER had on audiences in 2003 despite the inclusion of a menacing Great White that threatens the divers. Its greatest downfall is that Traucki's characters do nothing to draw the audience in to their perilous plight, and the larger cast sets the film up to be a body count picture (which Traucki does deliver). Like in BLACK WATER, however, THE REEF provides many more shocks and surprises that will have viewers jumping out of their seats! Traucki uses the same expert composites to place the shark right next to his actors for a number of jarring attacks. The use of real footage taken from right alongside all of the action gives the film a heightened sense of authenticity as well. With stronger central characters, THE REEF could have been a much more powerful film, but it is still sure to appeal to fans that were disappointed in OPEN WATER's overall inaction.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. Really, really loved it. OMO the best shark-flick since Jaws and one of THE horror highlights of 2011.

  2. I definitely liked the film, but I thought it was driven far more by thrills than anything else. I am a huge fan of OPEN WATER, which I feel is a character drama at heart with hints of horror. I can't say I didn't jump when the white broke the water in THE REEF though!