Subspecies 4 (1998)

After a fatal car accident kills her sister and prevents her escape from Romania, the struggling vampire Michele is taken in by a deranged doctor and his assistant, who claim that they can cure her. Her master, the evil Radu, is brought back to life once again by the Bloodstone, returning to his former coven to track down the woman who scorned him. Although it was made just a few years after the earlier entries, SUBSPECIES 4 feels like an entirely different film. The ugly opening gives an immediate sense of cheapness to the production, which is continues with the inferior make-up effects and Z-movie plot. SUBSPECIES has always been built on the growing sexual tension between Radu and Michele, yet here they share very little screen time. Only in the final moments are the two brought back together at last in one of the series' most powerful moments. Anders Hove and Denise Duff are subpar compared to before, but Dan Astileanu's obsessive and over-the-top professor drags the picture down. Regardless of its flaws, SUBSPECIES fans are sure to sink their teeth into this final entry, although it is easily the weakest in the series.

Rating: 5/10.


  1. You've got to love a guy who loses two of his three leads to other work- soap operas, I think- so his first solution is to simply have them die off-screen in a ridiculous car crash! How did that car flip over exactly?

    The film does suck a lot, but manages to bring closure to the whole thing. Of course, the last film did that too...

  2. Most convenient character deaths ever?