Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Hills Have Eyes 2 (1985)

THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART 2 is easily one of the most preposterous sequels in the history of Horror cinema. It seems inconceivable that the same man who had written and directed A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET just a year earlier could have produced such garbage, despite his own claims that the film was made at a point in his life when he needed the money. HILLS 2 takes directly after FRIDAY THE 13TH, pitting a group of idiotic teenagers against the hillside cannibals after they take a detour through the desert on their way to a motorcycle rally. Luckily for them, they are joined by a reformed Ruby and the heroic canine Beast, who had each taken on the demented family eight years earlier. It is absolutely absurd to think that Ruby would allow the group to travel on the same blood-soaked road where her family had killed countless people knowing that more of them could be lurking in the hills. The fact that the motorcycle rally just happened to take place in the same remote location is also completely contrived. It is simply a pathetic way to bring new victims into the desert. Craven brings back Michael Berryman as Pluto, but also introduces a new villain known as The Reaper, who is supposedly Papa Jupiter's older brother (again going against information given to us in the original). The pair tracks down and kills each of the teens in a variety of uninspired (but mildly gory) ways. To fill time, Craven also employs a number of flashback sequences, one of which has gained the film its greatest notoriety. Beast, the Carter family dog, inexplicably has a flashback of his own, where he recalls attacking Pluto from before. THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART 2 is a film that any fan can do without, and a mar on Wes Craven's career.

Rating: 4/10.


  1. I Think, that the First Movie the Best film is!

  2. Yeah, I caught this a few years ago and was actually shocked by how badly written and made this was. Ugh, not good on ANY level!

  3. This one is just a sad, sad cash-in.

    It's bad enough that they pad it out with the flashbacks, but they throw in the 'dog scene' and re-edit the flashbacks to keep Pluto alive. Can't we count on a dog to remember events properly?!?

    Total fail.

  4. Biggest dog fail ever. I heard a story about a dude that surfed on a great white shark in Oregon this morning.

  5. Ha ha! I've yet to marvel at this reclusive 'classic.' I watched Deadly Blessing last night and on the special features there was an interview with Michael Berryman. He was basically discussing his career and mentioned this film - apparently he likes Beast's flashback - he thought it was 'fun.' Must. Check. It. Out!

  6. It is the only redeeming moment in the entire film, it is just too bad that it has been spoiled for so many unexpecting fans since I had the luxury of going into the film without prior knowledge of the dog flashback. Hilarious!


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