The Howling Reborn (2011)

For anyone wondering what the 1980's classic THE HOWLING would look like if it were made for the TWILIGHT generation, you now have your answer. Tweens everywhere will have a new werewolf film to add to their collection in THE HOWLING REBORN, the eighth entry into the series and the newest sequel following the disastrous NEW MOON RISING from 1995. Life is difficult enough for Will Kidman between finishing his math homework and fending off high school bullies, but things become even hairier when he learns that he is the last in the bloodline of a powerful pack of werewolves. Now, he must choose to fight his killer instinct to protect the girl he loves or embrace his inner beast to run with the pack! While it is far from perfect, THE HOWLING REBORN is sure to become a guilty pleasure amongst werewolf fans after it ramps up the teen drama with a surprising amount of violence and sexuality. Joe Nimziki's script is riddled with plot holes and goofy dialog, but he maintains a steady stream of action that includes some of the best creature effects since the original. This teen-edgy reboot is surprisingly one of the better films in the series, and it will likely spawn several sequels of its own.

Rating: 6/10.


  1. i am intrigued... thanks for this, you catch all the wonders that are horror remakes/sequels.

  2. Its amazing that this wasn't terrible, but if you're a werewolf fan like me and can get past the fact that it includes THE HOWLING in the title, its a guilty pleasure for sure!

  3. Here's my thing:

    * The Howling V: The Rebirth

    * The Howing (8) Reborn

    How freaking lazy are the people behind this series? I mean, granted, a lot of people haven't seen 'Howling V' (or own it, like me), but still! Then again, it could be worse...

    The Howling: New Moon.


  4. Dude that was the FIRST thing I said when I heard the new title. Like, really? Why not "The Howling: Teen Drama." Short, to the point, and accurate. I still want New Moon on DVD so I can complete the set and never, ever watch it. Ever.