Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cat's Eye (1985)

Stephen King returns to tell three more fiendish tales of terror in CAT'S EYE! A mischievous pussy cat gets wrapped up in a few evil schemes while trying to save a young girl from eminent doom. First, a life-long smoker gets more than he bargained for when he joins Quitters, a company that uses rather persuasive methods of torture to help their victi-- "customers" stop smoking. Next, the frisky feline is taken home by a jealous crime boss, who will only spare the life of his wife's lover if he can successfully navigate himself around the ledge of their rooftop penthouse. Finally, the cat runs off to find a new home with a loving little girl. Her mother makes her keep the cat outside, not knowing that an evil little troll is attempting to steal her daughter's soul. Luckily, our hero cat arrives just in time to save the day! Fans will remember director Lewis Teague from his earlier King outing in CUJO, and also from the outstanding 80's creature feature ALLIGATOR. Teague is in fine form once again as he attempts to recapture the success of 1982's CREEPSHOW. The three stories are fun, engaging, and well-balanced, with sharp humor and entertaining performances by James Woods, Alan King, and DUNE's Kenneth McMillan. King fans will also enjoy seeing brief cameos from several of his other novels, including the killer St. Bernard, Cujo, a copy of Pet Semetary, and the red roadster Christine.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. This one is a pleasure for me, as well. I watched it so many times as a kid!

  2. The Film is good, but i like the Book from Stephen King more than the Film. But the Film with all actors are great!

  3. This is one of my favorite Stephen King movies.

  4. For years I watched CREEPSHOW wondering where the episode The Ledge was that I remembered as a kid, until finally I found CAT'S EYE and realized they were different films. I like this one a great deal as well, and it is one of wife's favorites!

  5. I liked the film...to a point. It would be nice to have seen a better narrative thread than 'a cat goes by here' for the stories.

    I also could have done without the super-cutesy ending part. The whole thing was building up...to that?


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