Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2010)

A lone hero stands between the forces of evil and the rest of mankind. His name is Dylan Dog, the world's finest paranormal investigator! When a wealthy collector is slain by a mysterious creature of the night, Dylan is hired to track down his killer and locate a stolen artifact with the power to bring about the end of the world! Kevin Munroe makes an ambitious attempt to bring the classic comic character to life in the self-titled film, and while the film falls short on many levels, Munroe does manage to deliver a fun, action-packed hour-and-a-half that remains true to the spirit of the character. The script retains much of the same great humor from the comics, with plenty of quick quips and wicked puns to entertain the masses. The body shop--where zombies go to buy replacement parts--is one of many hilarious additions. Dylan is played by SUPERMAN RETURNS star Brandon Routh, who feels slightly displaced in the role. He misses out on many great opportunities because of his dry, listless performance, but there are several moments where he finally clicks with the character. Routh is joined by DETROIT ROCK CITY's Sam Huntington as Dylan's silly sidekick Marcus, who is just learning to live with his deathly disposition. Unlike Routh, Huntington takes the role way too far over the top. The creatures and costumes are all very good, with everything from vampires, to werewolves, to mounds of the undead that are all waiting to keep Dylan occupied. Dylan also appears in his trademark red shirt and black jacket to battle evil the old-fashioned way. DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT is an inspired blend of film noir, action, comedy, and horror that Buffy fans are sure to enjoy!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. thank you, that is it... i agree!

  2. It's definitely the best horror/thriller film to feature Kurt Angle, that's for sure!

    I think that Routh is definitely not right for the role and Huntington over-did it a bit here too. Of course, the real problem is that this movie went against its actual market- Italy- and barely made a dent in the other market- everywhere else.

    Blatant miscue- yes. Decent enough movie- yes.

    P.S. They should have kept his partner as Groucho. A missed opportunity, really.

  3. I had a good time watching it, but CEMETERY MAN was so much closer in style and tone to the books. Rupert Everett will never be replaced, even if he didn't play Dylan necessarily. My hope would be that the DVD was successful enough to drum up more money for a bigger and better sequel, but then again, JACK BROOKS still hasn't seen a sequel either..

  4. Routh looks good on screen but always gives a somewhat wooden performance and doesn't have the screen presence to carry a lead role - it would have been better if Huntington as the cornball lead had been the lead and Routh the straight man sidekick (not in character with what theme of the movie was to be, but would have been a more interesting movie).

    Huntington's sidekick performance was the best part of the movie - a little over the top, but he had to make up for Routh's listlessness.

    It is one that I have recommend people rent on video as it is worth seeing, but not one you want to buy or give as a gift.

  5. It definitely would have been interesting to see Sam in a starring role, but I do hope that Routh can evolve with the character just a little more and come back stronger in a sequel. The problem is, there are so many TV shows now that deal with the same subject matter, and better, that this movie is no longer relevant.