Exorcist 3 (1990)

Detective Kinderman is faced with the ghosts of the past when he encounters a man who claims to be the Gemini Killer, but who has taken the appearance of the slain Father Karras. Despite being locked away in the bowels of the local hospital, the Gemini continues to kill, and it is up to Detective Kinderman to stop his supernatural murder spree! EXORCIST 3 comes as an unexpected surprise after the first disappointing sequel, combining the gripping suspense of a tightly-wrought thriller with the otherworldly terror of the original. William Peter Blatty directs this time around from his own screenplay and novel, and while his style lacks refinement, it is never-the-less effective in setting a frightening mood and delivering a strong, character-driven story. The main faults lie in his artificial language and jarring edits, but these are mostly overcome by the enjoyable performances that come as a result. George C. Scott takes a commanding lead as the boisterous Detective Kinderman, and Jason Miller excels in the role of the villain as the Gemini's earthly vessel. The real treat, however, comes from genre vet Brad Dourif in an electrifying performance as the Gemini, himself. Dourif explores a range of terrifying emotions, from calculated cruelty to raging hatred. He is at his best here. Although the majority of the film plays out like a murder mystery, EXORCIST 3 packs a fiery finale that delivers on the series' name. It has also gained a cult following for creating one of the scariest moments in all of Horror, but for that, you will just have to wait and see!

Rating: 8/10.


  1. Yes, there it is... the third part! ^^ well, how I always vouches the film is in my opinion as an individually seen film, as a continuation or as the third part of exorcist... oh well, there I do not like him so much. But if I look at him as an independent film, I like him well... best I like the scene, where the old woman in the cover rumkrabbelt.

  2. "rumkrabbelt": creeps in the cover.

  3. YESSSS, Best Fucking Exorcism-themed movie of all times. Never really got into the original, it was always Part 3 which I loved more.
    I go as far in saying that it's one of the greatest and obviously most underrated horror movies of all time.

    Oh, and the hospital scene: scares the crap out of me every single time I watch it!!

  4. This movie is the author's Sequel in his book "Legion" ...I read it a while back..... the movie is pretty close to this Book ( Exorcist II was a piece of crap....)

  5. Can anyone explain to me why Samuel L. Jackson and Fabio are in this movie? I mean, really?!?

    Having now seen both of Blatt's Directorial efforts, I have to say that he's pretty sub-par. As a Writer, he's great. This film- as well as 'The Ninth Configuration' are Directed like plays, with very little camera movement and long, drawn-out scenes. It could be a lot better.

  6. what I want to know is, can Exorcist III be considered a slasher film? I'm hearing a lot of "serial killing" in this one, but is it enough to be at least part-slasher? If yes, I need to see this and review for my page.

  7. Mr. B, despite the loose connection, I always look at this as being an alternate universe from the first film, since it is pretty far removed in style and storyline.

    MM, since I first discovered it on DVD, it has been a long time favorite for me as well. A creepy classic as far as I am concerned, and while I still have a special place in my heart for the original, and I desperately love EMILY ROSE, this places very high on my list as well.

    Theda I still need to pick up the book, worth the read?

    Alec the world may never know, I'm sure they are both representative of something in Kinderman's mind, or Blatty just loved them. I fully agree with your assessment here, it truly feels like a play with the staged language and carpenter's touch. It irks me when he rapidly cuts back and forth between speakers during the dialog exchanges.

    Kaijinu, I would include it if you have added films like SE7EN and other psychological thrillers to your list. There are killings, and they are bloody, though shot primarily off camera. If I recall correctly, there are at least five killed here?