Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It (1990)

The small town of Derry is terrorized by a nameless evil that has taken shape as a murderous clown. When the town's children begin to disappear, it is up to a group of school friends known as "The Loser Club" to gather their courage and end It's reign of terror. Thirty years later, the evil returns, and the group is called back as adults to defeat the demon once and for all. IT is one of the single most horrifying viewing experiences in anyone's life. How many childhoods have been ruined by IT, and how many more must suffer at the hands of Pennywise the Clown? While this two-part television event is only a mild retelling of Stephen King's best-selling novel, it manages to produce some of the most disturbing images known to man. If you weren't already scared of clowns going into the film, you sure as hell will be going out. It is impossible to sleep at night knowing that the photo album, the sink, or even a friendly balloon are likely to sneak up on you and drench you in blood like they do in the film. IT perfectly captures childhood fears in a way that is still terrifying to adults. There are no words to describe just how frightening Tim Curry's performance is as the killer clown. He hides more menace in a smile than a snarl, and the nightmarish ways in which he lures children to their deaths can never be forgotten. The plot still plays well even after the the paring down of Stephen King's over-indulgent characters, though many of the performances often falter. Really, Tommy Lee Wallace has done the best he can given the incredible length of the novel and the constraints of televised horror, but despite its flaws, IT will always remain one of the scariest films ever made.

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. Oh yes, the film "It" with Tim Curry as a Pennywise is just great. Of course and there we agree, the book is better, but the film one can look well and above all on occasion than only once. However, a little bit irritatingly is only that the John-Boy's type of "the Waltons" is present, because I must smile to at least always when I see the actor. But otherwise the film is great!

  2. I love IT ss well, Pennywise embodies everything that makes people afraid of clowns, and it is just utterly terrifying!

  3. totally agree! still haunts my mind.

  4. ah, I love IT! One of the better King adaptations, highly entertaining and full of pretty great and likable actors.

  5. Talk about a mini-series of the two halves! The first episode which shows each kid's unique experience with Pennywise and their coming together to fight him is up there with the very best of Stephen King on screen. Unfortunately the second episode totally undoes the good work of the first.


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