Joy Ride (2001)

A childish prank puts the lives of three travelers in jeopardy when the truck driver they tricked decides to play a deadly game of his own in JOY RIDE! John Dahl takes us on a fun, fast-paced ride of his own thanks to the sharp scripting of big-name producer J.J. Abrams. Paul Walker and Steve Zahn make a great pair of traveling companions as brothers Lewis and Fuller, who couldn't be more different. The one thing they share is the same sense of off-beat humor, which they bring out naturally through their characters rather than simply reading lines. If one man could strike a sense of terror and menace on the road using only his disembodied voice, it is the great Ted Levine, playing homicidal truck driver Rusty Nail. Combined with his devilish black semi and a sadistic humor of his own, Rusty Nail becomes a great new villain to add to the mad motorists in DUEL and THE HITCHER. With several intense moments of gripping suspense, JOY RIDE surprises as an entertaining and tight-knit thriller for fans to enjoy!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. Hell ya. I have always loved this movie. The humor in it is pretty damn great along with the suspense. Pink champagne... haha. I will have to dig this out and watch it now. Thanks! :)

  2. I thought it was going to be a stupid teen thriller before I saw it in theaters, but I love this damn flick too. Ted Levine is the man, and Steven Zahn is very very funny here, even though it is a reserved performance. Tell Becks I say hey Nick!!

  3. What, no 'Joy Ride 2?' Man up, Carl!

    In all seriousness, the original is okay. I wish that they could have actually explained the killer a bit, but I can see the appeal of the mystery.

    That said, the 'sequel' really overplays it. This guy is an invincible monster!

  4. Shit I forgot to review the sequel, I do intend to, I have it here somewhere. Better than the VACANCY prequel at least?

  5., that's hard to say.

    I'd say that it's probably a little better than that one, although it's freakier than 'White Noise 2,' less pretentious than 'Stir of Echoes 2' and a tad bit less pointless than 'The Messengers 2.'