Thursday, November 3, 2011

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994)

In 1994, a little piece of horror died. While it wouldn't be released in theaters for another three years due to the mindful hesitation from the film's distributor, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE NEXT GENERATION was born. Touted to be a remake of the original by TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE co-writer Kim Henkel, THE NEXT GENERATION follows all of the same action beats, but misses the point entirely. It isn't that people just don't 'get' TEXAS CHAINSAW 4, which is typically the case with the second film. It just really is as bad as everyone says. The so-called dark humor is completely lost on the audience. If there is anything worse than the unintelligible script, it is the atrocious acting. No one in the entire cast gives a shit about what they are doing. It often feels as if they were drugged and forced to act against their will, although the teens' ambivalence towards the horror that is unfolding around them earns the only guilty laugh. The hope would be that Henkel would make up for his artless production by splattering the screen with some gratuitous gore, but THE NEXT GENERATION is even more bloodless than the third film. TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 4 is universally considered to be the worst in the series, and rightfully so.

Rating: 3/10.


  1. When I had a look at the first time on VHS when the film came just anew to the video-tape libraries, I was quite disappointed, The actually known actors promised good entertainment, however what I got to see then, was very disappointing. The film deals only very little with "Texas Chainsaw Massacre Films". As an independent film, one would have taken another film title, he would be rather lookable, so actually, but because one compares him to the preceded films, unfortunately, he is only bad.

  2. I was utterly shocked the first time I saw this film. I would go back to the video store and re-rent it, thinking there must have been something I missed. Easily one of the most disappointing sequels I have ever seen.

  3. Ha! I accidentally bought this a while ago on pay-per-view TV (for some reason I got it confused with Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Beginning; which I still haven't seen). I'd seen it before years ago on TV. Can you imagine my annoyance when I realised what I was watching?! Dreadful, dreadful film. I would find it difficult to cite any redeeming qualities.

  4. I dont know if, somewhere in there, there is a failed social commentary about how disenchanted the 90's youth were, which is why they didnt mind being sawed down by a cannibal family in the woods? Just garbage man, somehow worse than LEATHERFACE.


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