Chillerama (2011)

The twisted minds of Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Joe Lynch, and Adam Green come together to bring you the greatest midnight movie of all time! ...Well, not exactly. Not at all, actually... CHILLERAMA is in contention with CREEPSHOW 3 and SNOOP DOGG'S HOOD OF HORROR for the title of worst omnibus film ever made. It is vulgar and childish, but worst of all, it is dreadfully boring.

America's last drive-in is shutting its doors forever, but not before putting on one final show: It's Chillerama, featuring four ghoulish tales of terror! Up first, a giant mutant sperm cell goes on a rampage through New York City in WADZILLA! Then, a young teen fights his confusing new urges in I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR. Next, Hitler develops the ultimate killing machine using THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN. Finally, some tainted popcorn turns an entire theater audience into a pack of oversexed zombies in ZOM-B-MOVIE.

It is impossible to pick a favorite here. Literally impossible, because they are all so terrible. Instead of producing a campy satire of the drive-in fodder that was produced over the past forty years, we are given a cheesy spoof, and an idiotic one at that. Each of the stories begin with a silly enough premise, which quickly outlives the humor of the shorts, themselves. Any of the talent that these directors have displayed in the past is lost on CHILLERAMA, and instead traded in for stupid dick and fart jokes. The special effects are meant to imitate the films from these eras, and if looking awful was the goal, they certainly achieved it. While each of the entries drag on indefinitely, Tim Sullivan's gay werewolf musical simply becomes unbearable. He even makes the mistake of hiring his own Scream Queens winner Gabby West, proving once and for all that the show was a sham given her ridiculous performance. Only Joel David Moore succeeds with his hilarious play on Hitler.

CHILLERAMA is a wasted opportunity that will be hard-pressed to find an audience even with the Troma crowds.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Wadzilla, but I was bored to tears for the remainder of the movie. I probably shouldn't have watched Tucker & Dale vs. Evil first--that rocked!

  2. Wadzilla was the best in the lot, but I dont know why they put WEREBEAR second, that was the biggest mistake probably in the history of Horror. If the movie had been played straight it might have been hilarious like BLACK DYNAMITE, but it just came off as being juvenile.

  3. I enjoyed the movie. I am glad I watched it in spite of the negative reviews.