Dune (1984)

Enter the world of Dune, a far-off desert planet that has been the center of an intergalactic struggle for a rare spice used in space travel. A young warrior must rise up to become the prophet of legend who will free the planet and end the tyrannical reign of the corrupt Emperor. David Lynch's quasi-masterpiece may be plagued with countless inconsistencies and unfinished effects, but considering the hulking scale of the production, it remains a Science Fiction classic of epic proportions! Kyle MacLachlan plays the hero of legend, the noble son of a rebellious leader who must awaken the mystical powers within him to become the Muad'Dib, or messiah. Though rushed, Lynch's film adequately demonstrates author Frank Herbert's original intentions to use DUNE as a futuristic allegory of the 'superhero complex,' where society is all too willing to give up their control to one whose powers and persuasion far outweigh their own. He pulls from the novel's rich universe to create a galaxy that is filled with different races, languages, creatures, and technologies. In light of other early 80's blockbusters like Ridley Scott's BLADE RUNNER, many of the special effects in DUNE appear to be about a decade behind the times, although the same can't be said for the film's breathtaking set designs. Two distinct cuts exist at the present time, neither of which the director has been satisfied with. Despite containing over an hour of additional footage, even the extended edition is considered to be critically flawed, but DUNE still has the power to transport us to a world beyond our imagination.

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. on german we says: GROSSES KINO!!!
    his Movie is one of my favorite Sci-Fi Films!
    I love this epic Movie!!!

  2. I have to let you watch the remake Tv? version of this. Lacks the epic characters of the film but allows for a better fleshing out of the story. Just like if PJ was given 10 hours per lotr movie.