Hellraiser 9 (2011)

HELLRAISER has always had a bad reputation when it comes to sequels, which typically tend to be more experimental than many other series. Well, HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS certainly doesn't look to change that. It follows two overprivileged teens that set off to Mexico for a week of debauchery, only to discover a mysterious puzzle box that is supposed to grant the furthest reaches of human ecstasy. At home, their parents try to forget the loss of their sons, when one returns to tell them about his escape from hell. As much as Horror fans like to deny it, their villainous heroes are past their prime, and are now distant memories. Who wants to see a sagging Pinhead in his late 50's still tormenting souls? Though few embrace the recent rash of remakes, this is the time to replace starring villains, not in pathetic sequels that make mockeries of the characters. It is not that Stephan Smith Collins is terrible in the role (although highly forgettable), but more the case that the film, itself, is abhorring to the senses. REVELATIONS comes desperately close to TROLL 2 in terms of unnatural dialog and wooden performances, which is a fate worse than death for any serious horror film. Though packed with gore, it is impossible to get past the idiotic characters and mind-numbing script. It comes as no surprise that the film was a rushed attempt for the Weinstein company to withhold the rights to the series, but what good is a title when you have destroyed its name? Worst in the series, by far.

Rating: 3/10.


  1. This was sooooo freaking bad! I saw it the other night and was so sorry to have spent money on it. It felt like it was going to be a remake that fell apart and they released it as a sequel. Awful awful movie!

  2. Havent seen this one, but I actually liked some of the sequels the best. My favorite two being 5 and 6.

  3. Franco it really was, I was astonished that anyone would try to pass that off as a legitimate sequel!

    HH, although 2 has always been my favorite sequel, 5 and 6 get bad raps when they would have been competent stand alone films in the vein of JACOBS LADDER and ANGEL HEART, it is just very transparent that those scripts existed well before the Hellraiser name was attached to them, which I believe throws many fans off since the themes are so far removed from the source materials.