House 2 (1987)

Jesse discovers the gateway to another dimension when he moves into his family's old estate, but the crystal skull that opens the portal unleashes monsters and madmen that want the ancient relic for themselves! The adventure takes off in HOUSE 2, the sequel to Steve Miner's surprise hit from 1986. The second story is much different than the first, but with many returning artists (including cinematographer Mac Ahlberg and producer Sean S. Cunningham), it provides an entertaining continuation with the same style and light comic mood of the series. Although it downplays the horror here in the sequel, HOUSE 2 opens its doors to a thrilling world of fantasy, one that takes us from the land before time to the temples of ancient Mexico, and on to the Wild West! It is here that Jesse and his friend Charlie must battle everything from pterodactyls to undead gunmen in a struggle to rescue the skull and use its magic powers to keep the corpse of his great great grandfather alive! Royal Dano appears as the lovable "Gramps," and Cheers' John Ratzenberger stops in with a hilarious cameo as Bill, "Electrician and Adventurer." Fans of the first film are sure to enjoy the next quirky chapter in the HOUSE series!

Rating: 7/10.


  1. "House 2" is a miraculous film at which I just look as the first part over and over again with pleasure. The film is witty and sprays formally from great ideas. It is a pity that today such films are not made any more.

  2. I grew up with these films, and have a very special place in my heart for them as well. Great humor, and an exemplar of the 80's horror comedy!

  3. I like 'House 2' and all, don't get me wrong, but I do have a question:

    Why is this called House 2?

    It's not the same house. It is not the same cast. I'm fairly sure that it's not even the same Director/Writer.

    Fun Fact: The only actor to appear in all 4 House films is Kane Hodder, who always played random brutes/thugs.

    It helps that he was also the Stunt Choreographer on them too. :-)

  4. I forgot to ask in my other post: did you get your hands on 'House IV?'

    It's the only one in the series that's not readily available to me, as 'House III' is on Streaming right now.

  5. Writer Ethan Wiley connects the first two House movies. But yeah, other than that nothing really connects the two. It does have the awesome pun title "House 2: The Second Story". Get it? Story/storey?

    House III was just a title slapped on a different horror film produced by Sean Cunningham. House IV brings back William Katt as Roger Cobb but gives him a completely different family (and spoiler: he doesn't last long in the film).

    Back to House 2 though, gotta agree it's such a fun little movie. Not really that scary and not really that laugh out loud funny. Just good fun.

  6. Alec I havent been able to get a hold of either of the remaining sequels, they will have to be covered later down the road. I believe the cinematographer came back along with Wiley and Cunningham as producer, which is why the two films have such a consistent look and similar comedic charm. I really like that they both offer different themes though, a House anthology series?