Joy Ride 2 (2008)

Four friends are left stranded on the road to Vegas after their car breaks down, but luckily they find an abandoned house with a running automobile that they decide to use to get to safety. Unfortunately for them, they have just borrowed the car of a crazed killer that stalks them in his giant semi as they head back out onto the highway. It's another twisted game of cat-and-mouse in JOY RIDE 2, only this time, the stakes are stupider than ever! What a misleading title. Rusty Nail returns to torture a new batch of twenty-somethings using childish pranks to match the absurd plotting, but thankfully, there is enough bloodshed along the way to keep us mildly entertained. Watch in horror as one of the characters strips to her panties! Reel in terror as another of the guys has to dress like a prostitute at a local truck stop! Puke in madness at the tired Horror tropes and dated pop culture references! Between the irritating characters and their mindless chatter, it is often difficult to stay awake, but for the precious little nuggets of gore that occasionally make their way to the screen. JOY RIDE 2 should be one of your last stops on the highway of horror.

Rating: 6/10.


  1. Yeah, this one blew.

    The morality is all over the place, plot holes are everywhere and apparently people can be decapitated with a slowly-closing windows!

    You have to laugh at a film in which a major plot point involves a 200-plus lb man steathfully-driving a semi-truck near our heroes, hopping out, running to their car, planting a severed finger and running back to the truck in a matter of moments!

    Plus, if memory serves correctly, it's not even the same voice, as they couldn't afford the guy from the original. Boo.

  2. Yeah Ted Levine dropped out on this one, along with anything that made the original good. Lets hope for JOY RIDE 3!!!!!1111........