Decadent Evil (2005)

DECADENT EVIL opens with a lengthy recap of the events that occurred in VAMPIRE JOURNALS before shifting gears entirely, taking us from the Gothic backdrop of Eastern Europe into the sleazy strip clubs of modern Los Angeles. Here, we find that the evil vampire Morella has started a coven of her own using the club as a cover. As she nears her 10,000th victim, Morella grows closer to becoming the invincible Queen of the Vampires! DECADENT EVIL is a far cry from the glory days of the SUBSPECIES series, as Ted Nicolaou's moody sense of style and atmosphere are both sorely missed in light of Charles Band's drier approach to the material. The majority of the characters are blatantly overacted, and there is no sensuality behind any of the gratuitous nudity, making it impossible to pass this off even in the softcore horror genre. Only Phil Fondacaro gets by with a decent performance as he takes on the role of Ivan the Vampire Hunter. Overall, a trite and cliche vampire picture in the same vein as BORDELLO OF BLOOD, minus the fun.

Rating: 4/10.

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  1. That is seriously the worst intro to a Full Moon film ever. Ten freaking minutes of 'Vampire Journals' just so that you can say it's the same lady? Bull and shit, Mr. Band!

    I have to question how dangerous Phil's character is when his only move is 'I'm short, now look away while I pull out a stake.' Give him powers or something.

    By the way, I'm still waiting for 'Decadent Evil 2' to be available. For once, Very Long Wait is accurate.

    Kudos for casting the star of 'Screw My Wife Please 43: She Likes Her Ass Slapped!' too. She needed to branch out.

  2. I cant tell you how many times Ive falled for the "Im hiding a stake behind my cloak" trick. Maybe Netflix is reaching out to you to prevent your inevitable Seppuku after viewing the film?

  3. I own 'Jaws in Japan,' Carl. What else can be done to me?

    Seriously though, you're the one who's trying to get me to watch 'The Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt'...

  4. That's the most valid claim I have ever heard.