Full Moon Unveals Their Newest Puppet from 'Puppet Master X'!

Bombshell Joins the Cast Of
LOS ANGELES, CA - January 24, 2012 - To celebrate the unveiling of the latest evil puppet, BOMBSHELL, Full Moon is offering a 1 week special. From Mon Jan 23rd to Mon Jan 30th, you can get ALL the Puppet Master films for one low price! If you've missed any of the Puppet Master films in the series, 1 through 9, now is the time to take advantage of this super low price....

Only $45 for the whole series to date!
PLUS! Amazing prices on blu ray ($10) & DVD ($5) of Puppet Master 1 Re-Mastered.
AND Amazing prices on blu ray ($10) & DVD ($5) of Puppet Master: Axis of Evil.

Click here for more info, the sale, and the reveal of the teaser!


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  1. Just when I thought I was done with this series...

    1. It looks like the Hellghast from Killzone.

  2. Even though the last several entries in the Puppet Master series have been lame - I am still looking forward to this movie!

  3. If one thing can always be said, its that "This one can't be as bad as the last one!"

    Full Moon has shown some tremendous improvement recently with DEMONIC TOYS 2, KILLJOY 3, and GINGERDEAD MAN 2, so with Redbox on board and the increased affiliates streaming their other films, it looks like we will be seeing a new age of Full Moon goodness!