The Mist (2007)

A strange mist has overtaken the town of Bridgton, Maine, bringing with it creatures of unimaginable horror! As a small group struggles to survive within the local grocery, they will find that the real monsters are much more human... Frank Darabont gives us a modern twist on the classic monster movie in his stunning adaptation of Stephen King's THE MIST from 2007. Darabont sets a slow and deliberate pace in a small setting with minimal score to force the characters to the forefront of the film in a big way. The cramped grocery store becomes a microcosm of the outside world, and one that harbors fierce rivalries and personal politics that turn man against man. The real terror does not come from the Lovecraftian creatures lurking in the mist, but rather from the horrors that man will bring upon himself once the veil of civilization has been lifted. Although it is a striking character drama at its roots, that does not stop THE MIST from doubling as a frightening creature feature as well! From tentacled beasts to spindly spiders, THE MIST unleashes a horde of monstrous creations with a taste for blood. Thomas Jane provides a strong lead for the other characters to stand behind, but Marcia Gay Harden stands out the most as this generation's Piper Laurie, playing the religious nut that demands blood sacrifices to appease an angry God. THE MIST also features one of the most downturn endings of all-time. Though released to theaters in color, a black and white version can be found on the special edition DVD, and offers a whole new way to experience the film as it was originally intended. THE MIST is a powerful horror film that ranks as one of the best in 2007.

Rating: 9/10.

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  1. Spot on review. I love how Darabont took the logical conclusion of the novella and ran with it. Bleak stuff. Great horror film.

  2. Great film, though it gets a bit wobbly in it's final third. Didn't mind the bleak denouement, what I minded was the idea that the army just comes in and it's all over folks. The novella ending suggests no such reprieve for the human race, and manages to be bleaker by having the characters just ride off into the mist with no answers and little hope for survival.

  3. I agree with lazlo - the novella's ending was *much* better. Really I wanted the camera to pull back at the end to reveal most of the entire earth to be covered by the mist...

  4. Thanks for the review.....I am really looking forward to watching this one in black and white!!!


  5. Having missed the novella, I thought that the end in the film was as devastating as it was unexpected. Time to get reading again!